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In partnership with sophrologist and ecotherapist Manuela Peschmann, Villa René Lalique offers a range of wellness activities that will reconnect you with nature.

For enquiries and reservations, please contact reception at

or call +33 (0)3 88 71 98 98.


Touching, feeling, sensing the life force of nature all around you: forest bathing is an intimate and transforming experience, which goes beyond simple moments of well-being. In the heart of the Northern Vosges Forest, you will be reconnected with the very roots of humanity.

This gentle yet mindful forest experience will awaken your senses in an unusual way: through contact with the trees and walking barefoot in the forest.

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This workshop invites you to test and understand the benefits of contact with nature. Just a few minutes a day are all it needs to reduce physiological imbalances and stress, regulate your heartbeat, improve sleep quality, and stimulate the immune system. These benefits are revealed through simple, fun exercises based on sensory stimulation and connecting the body with the earth’s natural electric field (grounding).

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Using various exercises, this personalized introduction to meditation can help provide relief from troubled sleep, anxiety, stress-related digestive problems, pain and tension.

Accessible to all, the workshop includes mindful tasting and breathing exercises, aimed at rising above the turmoil of everyday life and tuning into the “here and now”.

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About Manuela Peschmann

Specializing in ecotherapy, Manuela is also a certified sophrologist and a Reiki level 2 practitioner.

Fascinated by the natural environment, she was initially guided by biology and the life and earth sciences, before discovering sophrology as a new way of sharing her passion for nature.

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